AllStar Node

Parts List

While I have wonderful RF coverage from my shack for UHF and VHF, I am rarely one to sit down long enough to listen very long. I always am running around the house with the kids, doing house work, and in doing so, many of the normal repeaters are not able to be reached from the majority of my house. Many of the repeaters I use regularly are all connected via both Echolink and AllStarlink. Echolink can be accessed via a phone app, but that's not really using RF, so I pressed further and researched AllStarlink. After doing quite a bit of research, and being hours down the rabbit hole of trying to source the parts and make my own, I came across the group Ham Radio Projects. There, I saw they had simplified the use of the NiceRF SA818 chipset, compiled programming using the HamVOIP Allstar image, and provided excellent documentation. This seemed like a no-brain decision. I quickly ordered (got on the wait list) which took about 30 days to ship and was $88 shipped at the time. Once shipped, it arrived on my doorstep pretty quickly, and I jumped into reviving my soldering skills. While this was pretty small, I had no issues throwing it together. Below is an image of my assembled unit. The documentation by Ham Radio Projects is excellent, and will get you going very quickly. I also installed Supermon7 and can control the node both via the web browser on my phone, and DTMF tones (normal method of control).

Local Repeaters on AllStarlink

W8WKY 147.39MHz Repeater - HUB #48496

N8XPK 444.20MHz Repeater - HUB #43118

N8XPK 6 meter Wide Area Repeater System - HUB #42993

N8XPK 1.2GHz Repeater (often linked to 444.20) - HUB #47987

KE8OWX Simplex SHARI PiHat - HUB #53507