Not Your Typical Coaxial Entry

I recently decided to start a project that required something better than LMR400 type coaxial cable for the install to be effective. As part of the project, I ended up acquiring a 40-foot section of 1-1/4” CFS hard line coaxial cable already terminated in N-type connectors. To make it better, it also came with a weather bulkhead on it as well. This is perfect for my project, the price couldn’t be beat, and it provides even less loss than I was planning on having to deal with.

So …. what is the problem? How do you properly make an entrance at the house that meets NEC and grounding while maintaining a proper drip-loop and weather protection? I love DX Engineering, but they didn’t carry anything in their catalog that could be used for coaxial that large. My trips to Home Depot did not complete my searching, especially with how bare stores are currently. I almost gave up hope until I remembered Menards, which happened to have the rest of the items I needed to complete this project. I have included a basic parts list below including stuff I had sitting around I used as well.

Not your typical coax entrance

To make this work, I drilled a 2-1/8” hole in the joist ledger board. Below is a photo of the “final” configuring, so that it is grounded per NEC and provides a drip loop. Connect your jumper coaxial cable to the 90-degree and you are good to go.